What Your Certification Gets You

Once you’ve completed your event planning course online, you’ll receive your certification. Use these to market yourself as a certified event planner and sell your services to clients.

This certification demonstrates that you have successfully completed professional event planner training and that you possess all the skills and knowledge required to plan, design, and execute flawless events.

What Your Class will teach you!

  • Start your own event planning business
  • Provide coordination & vendor outreach services to clients
  • Work for an existing event planning company
  • Work for a corporation planning internal and external events
  • Plan events for venues, hotels, restaurants, and more!
  • To Become a Facebook Event Promotion expert
  • To Become an Instagram Event Promotion Expert
  • To Become a Linked In Event Promotion expert
  • How to become an event planner, including important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for planning events and getting started in a career as a professional event planner.

The Administrative part of the business including:

  • Business Registration,
  • IRS must haves ,
  • Creating your website Free Producing viral videos to promote services in social media,
  • How to hire dependable personnel,purchasing principles
  • The Administrative duties following up and close sales after the event .
  • Blogging
  • Basics of Photography
  • Tips To Design Themed Private & Corporate Events and more!

This course is closed for enrollment.


Here is how this class will empower you to sell out your events!

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