The Effective ways to Engage & Motivate Students To Enroll Tactics That will Help Your Business Growth

Boost Course Completion Rates & Engagement Can Double Your Back end Sales!”

In this step-by-step video course, can get your students more engaged and motivated to take action, enroll and finish your course materials and enrollment process.

Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting as many sales to your online courses?

Maybe you're getting a few to bite your initial course, but you can't get them to buy all of your other classes.

Have you ever thought about what might be the cause of all of this?

The truth of the matter is it comes down to low consumption rates and low engagement. Here’s what I mean by this.

Did you know, on average, that only 10% or fewer people complete an online course?

Think about that statistic for just a second. Perhaps even put yourselves in your students' shoes by asking yourself how many online courses you have completed as well.

It's highly likely that most of you have answered either you hardly ever complete an online course, or if you have, then you are the small minority.

There has to be a reason why people only watched 10% of the course. Even though you have an excellent course, people's attention spans are short, and they can get sidetracked easily.

The truth is that if they don't complete your online course, then they will get buyer’s remorse in the end and won't feel motivated to buy your other classes. That said, if, however they complete the online course, then they will at least if the course is good mini will feel that they got the right amount of value from you.

More consumption equals more trust. More trust equals more sales to your other courses.

So how do you go about getting your students to complete your course? How do you motivate and get them excited to continue and buy other courses from you? How do you get their attention even if they get distracted? How do you get them to buy and enroll?

How do you tap into the inner human mind or subconscious of your student to get them to continue?

  • Video #1: Introduction
  • Video #2: The Human Brain
  • Video #3: Desire Trigger
  • Video #4: Progress Trigger
  • Video #5: The Human Trigger
  • Video #6: Course Rewards
  • Video #7: Engagement Rewards
  • Video #8: Attention Trigger
  • Video# 9 Increase your online course engagement
  • Advertising your courses
  • Social Media